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We celebrate the unique voice of every child.


With patience and dedication, we nurture all children to become happy and confident little musicians who find joy in music-making and connecting with others through the universal language of music.


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We offer group learning and parent-child co-learning, as children learn better in each other’s presence through interaction and companionship
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Whole Person Development

With music, movements and group projects, we nurture a wide range of motor skills, social emotional skills, executive functions and problem solving skills of our students
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Creativity and Self-Expression

Through playing music, our students gain self-confidence and eloquence in expressing their feelings and emotions.

Each piece of instrument played by each musician produces a different tone, texture and colour. At UCM Academy, we celebrate the uniqueness of every child by letting each of them be listened to and appreciated, regardless of the instrument they play, or the level of accomplishment they achieve.

Music stimulates the development of the whole brain. Musical experiences, including singing, dancing, tapping, playing musical instruments individually or in a group, help children to develop their fine and gross motor skills, multi-sensory coordination and rhythmic sense. All these pave the way for understanding of mathematical concepts and development of linguistic capabilities. At UCM Academy, we also offer plenty of performance opportunities for our little singers and musicians, for them to gain self-esteem and confidence, and develop interpersonal, social and emotional skills through group practices and musical collaborations.

No two children ever play the same note. Treasure the musical moments with your little one each day!

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