Why young children should learn music

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Why young children should learn music

We all know that learning music or listening to music brings about a lot of benefits, such as entertainment, leisure and soothing of the mind and soul. But, do you know any other benefits to learn music during early childhood?

Music is a whole-brain and multi-sensory stimulation. Once the listening system processes the music elements, it will, simultaneously, process and compare the complex and various sound information. This will strengthen the ability of sound discrimination which is very important in the speech and cognitive development of young children.

Music can also improve many other different abilities, including speech, cognitive, motor-coordination and social emotional skills. Singing stimulates and facilitates speech. Learning music itself is a kind of brain training and improves the memory. Rhythm regulates muscles activities. Dancing improves balancing. Instrumental training improves fine motors coordination whereas ensemble enhances group awareness and cooperation spirit. As a matter of fact, all music activities help to extend concentration, learning imitation, waiting and turn taking.

Moreover, music can motivate positive emotions. When children feel safe and happy, they will be more motivated in learning. If they learn music step-by-step, they will be exposed to more chances to become successful while gradually building up their confidence.

So, as you see from the above, parents should let their children explore music at an earlier age. Such will definitely help their children to have a better and healthier development.

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