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Name of instruments that the child is learning to play, number of years of practice, level attained etc.

About the Contact Person

  • 1. Enrolment is offered on a first-come-first-served basis. UCM Academy has the final decision in the allotment of places in all classes.

  • 2. An instrumental class at a proposed time slot will only be offered if the minimum class size is met (3 students for each instrumental class, 3 pairs of student and parent for each parent-child class). If the minimum class size of your desired time slot is not reached, we will offer the nearest possible time slot to you.

  • 3. Tuition fees for all courses are charged at the beginning of each semester. Allotment of places is only confirmed upon full payment of tuition fee for the semester.

  • 4. Tuition fees are non-refundable.

  • 5. Where a student is unable to attend a music class due to sickness, provided that a doctor’s permit is submitted to the Academy Office within the week following the absence, the tuition fee paid in respect of that class will be applied towards the tuition fee to be paid for the same course in the next semester.

  • 6. Where a class is cancelled due to extreme weather (e.g. if typhoon signal number 8 or above or a black rainstorm signal is in force within 2 hours prior to the commencement time of the class), UCM Academy will endeavour to schedule a make-up class subject to the availability of the instructor, failing which the tuition fee paid in respect of that class will be applied towards tuition fee for the next semester.

  • 7. Tuition fee is exclusive of rental of musical instruments. All musical instruments are for use within our campus only. If you would like to rent or purchase your own musical instrument, please speak to our Academy Office staff for assistance.