Music and Family

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Music & Family

Music and Family

When you share music with others, it becomes a whole new life experience. Whether it’s busking with a friend, playing in an orchestra or band, or dancing the night away, the fun and joy of music is amplified.

We love it at Inner UCM when children from the same family learn an instrument with us. To be able to go home and play together is a fantastic bonding experience. We love it even more when parents get involved too! From our experience, learning music together has so many benefits for your family.


It’s an opportunity to encourage each other to keep learning new things, keep trying new challenges, and inspire each other with new achievements. It’s also something playful and fun to do together.

Learning New Skills 

As adults we’re often hard on ourselves and we can become set in our ways and reticent about learning something new. But watching her fearlessly tackle something challenging is an inspiration

Downtime together

Playing music together is also a great way to unwind and relax. In our fast-paced lives we don’t often gift ourselves moments of relaxation, let alone relax as a family! Being able to sing, pick up an instrument and find a way to make music together is just as much about slowing down as it is making memories together.

Makes you feel good

You don’t need to be able to play an instrument professionally to enjoy music as a family. Pick up a tambourine, maracas or break out the wooden spoons to rock out to a tune on Spotify and Youtube!

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